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Lego I Spy with my Little Eye Book!

Lego I Spy with my Little Eye Book!
 We love Lego!
Before we had kids, my hubby and I would buy Lego sets on date night.
Way more fun than a movie and dinner!
I had this GENIUS idea while playing with the kids the other night.
We spread out a big blanket and poured out all our Lego pieces!
(seriously, probably $1000 worth of Lego right there)

And it went something like this:
"Can anyone find a 2 by 2 black brick?...If anyone sees a red 2 by 1 give it to me"
I thought...this is totally an "I SPY" game!
AND I totally love an I spy book...they are so fun...
so engaging and perfect for travel or quiet books!
 So, I made one.
I took pictures of all our little Lego pieces scattered...and used photoshop to add
 some words in silly rhymes...and it was 4:30 in the morning...so they are silly!
19 pages of fun.
(Feel free to play along...print them off or make a book for personal use only!)

Then I loaded the pages I made into Shutterfly and had a book printed!
I did an 8 by 8 book...but a 12 by 12 would be much funner!
Booyah!  Travel and quiet times...nailed it!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've just discovered your amazing blog! So many brilliant ideas! My kids and I are also Lego fanatics, so I'm keen for us to make our own I Spy Lego book together soon. What a great way to get the kids thinking creatively about rhyme :)

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