Himmeli Patriotic Stars!

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6:00 AM
 Himmeli Patriotic Stars Wreath or Garland!
 Great swag of stars for a little patriotic decor!
First you'll need to make some stars
You'll need wire and coffee stirrer straws.
I cut some in half 3.5 inches...and others at 2 inches.
(Check out this lamp for another great Himmeli project!)
 Take about a yard and a half of wire...
Put a long straw with 2 small to make an acute triangle.

 Like this.

 Then add 2 short straws to the other side...
and run the wire back through the long center straw.

 Continue that process until you have 5 long straws
connected with Y shaped sections of 3 short straws.

 Twist off the excess wire and tuck it inside a straw.
It looks great...but not really geometric.

 Pinch up the center straws...
bend in the Y cross sections...
super easy to mold because of the wires.

 Until it's a gorgeous dimensional 5 point star!
Next I took them outside and spray painted them...
And used some wire to hook them together in a garland.
Perfect to overlay on a wreath,
hang as a garland...use as ornaments...add to a patriotic wood sign...
Adds the perfect bit of dimension!

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