Fruit Pops!

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6:00 AM
 Pure fruit pops!
These are the perfect summertime treat!

My kids swim nearly every day...and they come in sooooo hungry!
Really, they are probably dehydrated and just need a big glass of water.
But after the water, we love a snack.
And fruit is my go-to snack.
 These pops are a perfect little fruit bar with no added anything!
Here's what I used:
Watermelon puree
Sliced strawberries and kiwi
and a few blueberries.
And some Popsicle molds...dollar store variety.

 I just used an immersion blender to mix up my watermelon.
It's so full of water, it really is the perfect fruit to make into a Popsicle!
 Next, I put a couple blueberries in the bottom of the mold...
slid in a kiwi (so it would show on the side)
and strawberries...a few more blue berries on top.
Then filled the mold with the watermelon puree.
 Just like this.

 Press the lids on securely...

 And freeze overnight.

 Mine popped right out of the mold easily!
(for stubborn pops just set the mold in a little warm water until it loosens up)
In a bucket of ice, they last quite a while since
they are mostly fruit and don't easily melt.

My kids love these!  Okay, so does my husband!
But the trick is the kids feel like they are eating a treat...
and I know I'm serving them fruit!
Perfect for Summertime festivities! 

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