Frozen Banana Pops!

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6:00 AM
Frozen Banana Pops!
 I used 3 bananas and 9 popsicle sticks
 Cut the ends off each banana and cut them in 3rd's.
Then stuck a stick in them...and freeze overnight.
 In order to dip, it's nice to have a place to put the pops while they are setting up.
I used 2 styrofoam blocks covered with foil.
 You will need a lovely batch of HOMEMADE Magic Shell Topping
and crushed peanuts (optional)
 Take a frozen banana pop...
 Dunk it right into the magic shell...
 Pull out and roll side in nuts!
Stick in the foam and wait for the magic shell to harden!
 Perfect and yummy!
 This treat totally reminds me of my childhood,
I just love them!
My daughter, age 10, did not like them.

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