Wood Burned Treasure Box!

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6:00 AM
 Wood Burned Treasure Box!
This was the perfect teen boy craft.
My son made this treasure box for his little brother for Christmas.
We measured and cut the wood together.
Then he sanded all the pieces.
 We used wood glue and clamps to put all the pieces together.
 Clamped until dried completely.
But we wanted to decorate the top.
So we found some pictures that the little guy would like.
Dan traced them onto the lid with carbon paper.
 Just so he had a guide for the wood burning.
 And then he did all the wood burning himself.
It takes some control and carefulness so as not to burn little fingers.
 Added some hinges.
We put a screw in the top of the lid...and a magnet in the top edge of the box.
The perfect closure!
 And put some handles on the sides.  It was easy and fun!
 And perfect for boys!

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