Sweet and Salty Beach Waves Texture Spray!

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Sweet and Salty Beach Waves Texture Spray!
We just spent the last week at the beach...and you know what...?
I love salty sandy hair!
I love the thick beachy texture of salty sea hair!
I wanted to be able to duplicate it at home without adding sand!
 Help soft and silky hair hold fabulous beach waves!
My beautiful daughter has oily but super silky hair that doesn't hold curl for long.

This easy DIY formula is great for keeping long lasting waves and beachy texture!

1 Cup hotish water
2 tablespoons of honey
1 tablespoons of sea salt
spray bottle
 Add 2 spoonfuls of honey
to 1 cup of hot water
 Add 1 spoonful of sea salt
 Pour into a spray bottle
 Shake bottle before each use.
 Started with fresh clean hair!
(her hair was dry, but you could spritz this on right after a shower)
She already has some natural waves...and a natural ombre look!
Pull up sections of hair and spritz some texture spray near the roots.
We're not trying to soak her hair...just about 10 mists of spray total.
 Scrunch it up with your fingers a bit while it dries.
You'll be able to feel the "dirty" or as I like to call it "beachy" texture!
It's not sticky though, but the honey helps it hold it shape.
 Now to style.
There are dozens of great ways to add waves.
I did it with a 3 barrel and a flat iron.

 Gently pull up most of the hair from the ear lines around.

 Section it off and use the 3 barrel to add waves.
 After finishing the sectioned off hair,
remove clip and section off the next row,
repeat until all hair has been waved.
 To finish it off, I used my flat iron to add some loose curls over the top.
Gorgeous!  Set it with a flexible hold hairspray!
Later on we brushed out her hair.
Easy to brush, no excessive tangles, not sticky!
Feels clean and beachy!

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Charlotte said…
We just came back from the beach also. My granddaughter wanted this hair texture also. Thanks for the "recipe".