Awesome Uses for Duck® Brand Shelf Liner! #DuckShelfLiner

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 Awesome uses for Duck Brand's Shelf Liner
 I received some easyliner smooth top shelf liner from Duck® Brand.
Red floral and white.
Did you know that Duck® Brand makes shelf liner?
They make adhesive and  non adhesive liners.
In lots of colors and patterns!
 I started with using it the way it was intended.
My kitchen drawers.
They already had some sort of beige liner in there...blah.
I didn't realize how boring they were until I changed them up!
 I removed the cluttered utensils and divider and cut a piece to fit inside.
It doesn't need adhesive because it has no slip on the backside.
I replaced my cute!
 And added my utensils!
 I love it!
It's like a little fun in the plain wood stained kitchen!

 I even did the silverware divider!
 Just an ordinary divider...I have a couple of them.
 I cut strips and slipped them in each section.
 Perfect for organizing craft supplies like craft tape...
  Or my bright and fun collection of Duck® Tape!
 Next I did a breakfast tray!
First I turned over the liner and set the tray on top.
 traced it with a pen.
And then cut it 1/4" smaller on all sides.
 So it would fit perfectly inside!
It's awesome, it keeps the place setting in perfect place!
I want to do placemats for the entire table out of it!
I used the scraps from the drawer lining...
and cut a bow with this pattern
And a center piece and tails...
 Then I just hot glued the flaps over into the center,
wrapped them with the center piece...
 and glued on the tails.
I added a hair clip too.
 With a little piece of shelf liner...
 so the bow will be non-slip!
 Perfect for hair or would look great on a wreath or gift box!
What would you use Duck® brand shelf liners on?
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Felicia said…
I am so in love with that red liner! Here's hoping that my local stores have that exact one in stock.

*Sure another would work but that's perfect for my red and blue kitchen!!!

I just love it when I find a new toy. =)