Enamel Painted Ceramic Mug!

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6:00 AM
 Hand stamped Ceramic Mug!
 I wanted to my own take of Anthropologie's monogrammed Mug
FolkArt Enamel Paint
Rubber Stamps
I picked a swirly vine rubber stamp.
Anything with too much detail is not going to work.
I squeezed some paint out on wax paper

And brushed it on the stamp
And then rolled it onto the mug.
Not as smooth as I was hoping, but still looks cool!
Added some pink flowers...
and then mixed the teal and pink paints together to make this purple periwinkle!
And added on some circles...
Like this.
Then follow the directions on the paint.
Place your mug in the oven and heat it up to 350*.
Bake for 30 minutes.
Remove and let cool.

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