Reclaimed Wood Lamp with Himmeli Shade!

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 Reclaimed Wood Lamp with Himmeli Shade!
I pulled an old pallet apart...and there were big wood blocks between the layers.
They were junk and were placed in the "burn later" pile.
Last weekend we lit a smore's fire and I found one of the blocks!
Instantly in my head, it became a rustic reclaimed wood lamp...
and I rescued it from smore's fodder!

Here's how it came to fruition--you can make one too!
 You will need:
4 by 4" wood block
drill and 3/8" drill bit
bottle lamp kit &/or pull chain kit
coffee stirrer straws
spray paint (optional)
wax or stain (optional)
2 hours
I got a bottle lamp kit...but then decided I wanted a pull chain 
light instead, so I got a pull chain thing.
I use my new drill and some drill bits.
I drilled in the center of the top of the wood...but not all the way through the bottom.
Then I drilled in from the backside until it met up with the center hole.
I didn't measure or just worked!
 I ended up only needing the pull chain unit, the electrical cord and that hollow screw thing.
(yes, technical terms...ha ha ha)
 Okay so I have the holes. 
I used a small wire and fished it from the backside up through the top.
Then I tied off the electrical cord on the backside wire and pulled it through.
Then I put the hollow screw thing around the cord and twisted it into the wood.
It fit perfectly and tightly.
I used pliers to tighten it completely.
 Then I followed the light kit instructions.
Screwed the bottom of the unit onto the screw thing.
Then tied the underwriters knot...
noting the ribbed coated wire and the smooth coated wire
 Now to attach the wires:
The silver screw gets the ribbed wire, and the smooth wire gets the gold screw.
Just curl the wire in a hook, loosen the screw and slip it around it before tightening it down.
(All the instructions come with the light follow those)
Then I tightened the underwriters knot right under the socket so it
 will fit down inside the socket cap tightly.
Then put the shell over and line up the pull string and press it down
 until it snaps into the socket cap.
 Now I added a little finishing wax to the wood.
 Just rubbed on with a small cloth.
 Looks great...add a tiny round light bulb...and now the moment of truth!
 I always pray when I plug it in...hoping it all works!
It's adorable!
Great like this...but I thought a fun shade was in order!

I did a Himmeli Geometric shade using coffee stirrer straws
 and thin gauge floral wire.
(Himmeli are Finnish mobiles traditionally made of rye straw)
This one is actually made of plastic straw and not a mobile...meh, whatever.
It's a geometric icosahedron shade.
I began by cutting my straws in half...3 1/2 inches.
Works great to use a rotary cutter.
 I unwrapped a length of wire...about a yard or meter.
Then I threaded on 3 straw sections...twisted the wires to make a triangle,
then added 2 more and twisted on the other side to make a double triangle/diamond.
Then add 2 more...twist and add 2 more...etc.
 Until you make a triforce!
Then essentially every junction of straws is a set of 5 straws.
It takes a little practice, but comes together pretty naturally.
There is some double wiring through straws to get them where you need them.
But it's pretty fun too!
 Any time you need more wire,
just twist on another length of wire like this.
The straws will cover any wire anyway.
 Keep it going until you have made the entire Icosahedron!
  It's got 20 triangular faces.
Twist up the last wire and thread the remainder of it through the closest straw.
Awesome--this would be a fun knick-knack!
 Fits the lamp perfectly!
You could leave it this.
 But I went gold!
I used spray paint and lightly misted the straws...let dry 
and repeated until the entire thing was covered.
 It's so cool.  It looks like it's really brass or copper tubing!
Who would guess they were plastic straws?
 Looks amazing as a lamp shade too!
I just set it on the wood block without mounting it.
You could tack it in place with staples or hot glue.
 And looks amazing reflected on the walls!
 I love it!
I am totally obsessed.
I turned off all the lights and called a family council so my 
kids could see it an compliment me!  
Haha--I think they were glad they didn't have to help!
All in all it took me 2 hours, plus spray painting/drying time.
And cost nearly nothing.

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  1. Oh my gosh this is awesome and what a great tutorial! I'd love it if you shared this over at The Makers link party going on at my blog right now, Hope to see you there :)


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  3. Well how cool is this?! I am working on my first himmeli straw project - it is so fun, and totally addicting! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome lamp with us at The Makers link party. I'm off to pin!

  4. I freaking love this! It is awesome!!!


  5. Wow, how creative! I absolutely love it :). I come up with lamp ideas all the time but I never get up the nerve to really try. You have inspired me! :)

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  8. LOVE your DIY lamp - such a clever idea! Thanks for linking up to our Power Tool Reader Challenge and good luck with your entry :)

  9. What a really cool idea for a lamp. I love that you used the coffee stirrers! :)

    thanks for sharing at our Reader Challenge!


  10. This is amazing! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your project in the $10 and Under Power Tool Challenge.


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