Star Wars Princess Leia Ceremonial Necklace DIY!

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6:00 AM
 May the 4th be with you!
Princess Leia Ceremonial Necklace!
 Who doesn't love Star Wars?
 And who doesn't love Princess Leia?
Okay, so let's make a ceremonial necklace to celebrate!
I used silver polymer clay.

Rolled it out flat like a sheet of metal.
 Cut in a rectangle and rolled the top edge around.
This will make the perfect edge for threading through...
 Repeat 18 times.
 Bake in the oven according to directions.
Mine was 15 minutes at 275 degrees F.
Then let them cool completely.
 Next you'll need some jewelry pliers and some eyepins.
Stick and eye pin through the bead
and loop the other end.
 Hook on another eyepin and bead, loop, and repeat 18 times.
 Add a loop and a hook at the back...
 Looks fabulous!
Maybe not as silvery shiny as Leia's...but if others around you like Star Wars,
They will notice the similarity!
 Buns in the hair help too!
 May the 4th and Force be with you--all weekend!



Unknown said…
Love Leia's outfits - so simple and so lovely. Great necklace.