Shrink Plastic Name Necklace!

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6:00 AM
Here I am using shrink plastic again to make a necklace!
 Much like this
 Hello Necklace
 But a little different.
I used a cursive font to print out the name.
Then traced it onto shrink plastic!
 I cut it out about 1/8th inch around and punched a hole in the sides...
 Then I used 3 shades of blue markers...
you could use sharpies...I used copics.
And colored it lightly...since when it shrinks, it brightens quite a bit.
I did it in an ombre effect...
 I put it in the oven for about 5 minutes in the 350* F oven.
It's terrifying every time!
It will curl up and then flatten back out.
 After taking it out and letting it cool...
I used a broken up necklace and some jump rings...
 Hooked the name on the beads.
 Fixed it all up and looks glam!
 She loves it!
It's so hard to find things with her name on it...
since we spelled it a little differently.
Great way to make a custom gift for others with hard to find names!

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Jayme said…
That's a great idea!
Felicia said…
I have a Hayley and a Kyla and it's always so hard to find their names in anything. I love this!