Weave a Duck Tape® Basket

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 Make a Woven Duck Tape® Basket!
 I was sent a bunch of Spring Colored Duck Tape®
Hot pink, Bright green, Glitter Purple and puffy cotton candy clouds!
There were some mini rolls included!
They are awesome, and about the same size as washi or electrical tape.
These are way versatile and perfect for weaving crafts!
 This weaving technique is awesome for teens and tweens!
Once a woven sheet is made, it can be transformed into clutches or wallets too!
It's pretty simple.
You first need a bunch of double sided strips.
This 3/4" tape is awesome.
 Mine were about 18 inches long.
Double sided so they aren't sticky.
 Repeat for a bunch of times and other colors!
 I used Hot pink, Silver, Bright Green, and Black!
 Trim one side of alternating strips.
In this case 5 green and 4 black.
Then tape them down directly onto the table.
 Begin weaving by folding back all the green strips.
Lay a pink one on top of the black and tuck it tight
 to the edge of the green strip of tape.
 Lay the green strips down.
Now pick up the 4 black strips...
 Add in a silver strip and tuck it right next to the pink.
 Alternate colors until a big sheet of fabric is woven.
 Then trim all the edges.
 Tape the edges with a strip of tape.
  Gently lift off the table...and turn it over.
 Then add Duck Tape® over the top of the sticky tape.
 Then you have a great woven fabric!
Ready to make into a basket or wallet or purse!
 To make a basket,
Pinch in the corner to make a triangle flap.
 Lay the flap down onto the side
 And tape it in place.
 Tape the backside edge too.
 Repeat on all 4 corners.
 Then use some more tape like a binding around
 the entire top edge of the basket.
I stuck half of it to the outside edge and then folded it down onto the inside edge.
 Bottom looks amazing!  Woo woo!
 I added a thick strip of tape with a skinny black strip for the handle.

Fills up nicely with lots of goodies!
Perfect craft for tweens and teens--they will totally get into
crafting for Easter with a project like this!
I love Duck Tape®!
I love the patterned tapes, glitter tapes, fabric tape and prism tape!
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