Baby Blessing Outfits in Shadow Boxes!

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6:00 AM
 Today is April Fools I should be silly.
But, it's also my daughter's birthday!
So I am sharing something that makes me truly happy.

I got some shadow box is 16 by 20 and the other 12 by 16.
 This pink dress was the dress my mother made and embroidered for my blessing day.
 Making it 33 years old!
It was also the dress my daughter wore 10 years ago on her blessing day.
 Here's my baby girl 10 years ago...all pink and splotchy.
I used 2 small pins to tack the shoulders on the mat.
 Then eased the dress into the frame so I could
make sure the dress hung properly against the glass.
 Next I did this outfit in the smaller frame. 
This was my husbands blessing outfit that he wore nearly 38 years ago.
Both of my sons wore it as well on their blessing days!
 Baby boy that's nearly 12 now!

 And my baby...who is 5.

These are such treasures!
I hung them in the hallway so they would not be faded by the sun light.
Definetly a step up from the ziploc bag they were stuffed in for the past 10 years.

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Eva said…
I love this idea! I wish I had seen your post years ago when my children were younger. I am not sure I even have there outfits anymore... But I am passing this one on to my children for their children
Anonymous said…
You're in trouble if you have more kids! :D I want to do this with Abby's ballet stuff. I'm having a hard time keeping her out of her shoes!!!