My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Silhouette T-Shirt!

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6:00 AM
 Rainbow Dash shirts are 20% cooler than regular shirts.
Right click to save off this great Rainbow Dash Silhouette!
(Personal use only, please)

 Import your image into silhouette studio.
 Use the 'Select Trace Area' tab and highlight your whole image...
it will then appear outlined in yellow.
 Then adjust the high pass filter, threshold and scale...
so that the entire image is yellow...but not the background.
 Then select the 'Trace Outer Edge' button, should give you
 red cut out lines all around your image!
You can then drag your shadow image over and delete it!
Then you are good to cut if you are doing a normal vinyl or picture project!
the images are cut on the backside of the vinyl,
 so reverse everything before cutting!

Select your the mirror left button.
Position it in place and delete the other image!
 Words must also be mirrored if you are going to say anything on a shirt!
Reverse the image.
Let the Silhouette cut it out based on the silhouette
materials and blade depth recommended.
For Pinkie Pie shirt and silhouette click here.

After cutting the image, weed out the negative space parts of the vinyl.
Place plastic side up on your shirt...image should be in the "right" direction.

Iron with Medium High heat right on top!

 Peel back slowly and make sure that the vinyl is adhered.
Re-iron if necessary.

Perfect and ready to wear!

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Thank you! This is just what I was looking for!