Mini Donuts! Pinch Proof Leprechaun Bait!

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6:00 AM
 Mini Donuts!

Make a dozen tiny donuts as a gag gift...a mini craving...
Leprechaun, fairy, or Elf Bait!

 You just need frosting, some kind of O's cereal and sprinkles.
I cut out a little matchbox for presentation.

 We used a piping bag to put frosting on an O cereal.
Wholeport has a great selection of icing tips...they are
a little different than the standard ones here that fit on couplings,
but they work great with a parchment triangle bag. 
More to come on that at some point!

 Like so...
 Use any color of frosting...

 Add some sprinkles

 Pinch Proof Donuts!

 Add chocolate...and cover the entire top
for those yummy cream filled ones!
(They are my favorite ones...normally I can pass up a donut
 any day of the week...but if the custard filled ones are
 available...I cave.  They are like eclairs.)
 We had a mini goodbye party when my parents left visiting us.
We used Mike and Ikes for a little popsicle...
I got this tiered serving stand from Wholeport!

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