My Little Pony Maud Pie Graphic Tee!

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 If you are keeping up with My Little Pony season 4...
You've met Maud Pie.

It tastes like apples.

She is Pinkie Pie's older sister and doesn't show her emotions the same way as Pinkie.
(We loved this episode so much, I made my husband watch it...he liked it too!)
I knew I must make a Maud Pie graphic Tee!
I took this picture.
And tweaked it in photoshop to make it a black and white outline.
Then I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out freezer paper.
Freezer paper is easy to use.
You can cut it with an x-acto knife...but I love using the silhouette.
So, settings on the Silhouette Machine.
Place the freezer paper shiny side down on the mat.
Blade set at 6.  Software settings at: speed 1, and depth: 25.
I always cut freezer paper slow.  Super slow.
The paper can snag so it's best to let it work slowly.

Here you can see some of the letters worries.
 I used an x-acto knife and cut the lines anywhere the silhouette wasn't able to cut it completely.
The wrinkled freezer paper will iron out flat.
 Peel out all the parts you intend to paint in black.
Like the coloring book outline...
 Like this.
Remove black lines...iron onto shirt...including all the small
pieces that fit inside letters...until it is all transferred and ironed on the shirt.
Okay, now it's time to paint!
I mixed part black acrylic with fabric medium...
 Use a stipple brush to paint over all the lines left by the freezer paper.
 Until it's all painted.
 Peel off the freezer paper while the paint is still slightly wet.
 Now carefully peel out all the little pieces.
 I used my Silhouette hook tool to get the little pieces between letters.
 Until it's all weeded out.
Let it dry completely.
Now for adding colors.  I used the fabric medium with all the paint,
 so the paint isn't stiff when it dries.
 Now I added in some color!
Started with gray to fill her skin.
 "Gray.  You are gray.  Like a rock."
 Then some teal for the eyes.
 Added lavender for the bangs, eyelids and mane.
White on the eyes, blue for the shirt.
She's done!  Just let her dry.
Super Cute, right?

Gotta love Maud!
"Pinkie Pie, what were you thinking?"

 "I don't really like candy.  But I do love Pinkie Pie."

And maude is a color too!

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