Earring Holder Picture Frame!

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6:00 AM
 Earring Holder Picture Frame!
 Easy to make and the perfect solution for organizing those earrings!
 I made this one for my daughter.  She doesn't own tons of earrings...yet.
This is an 8 by 10 frame and would hold 100's of earrings. 
You'll need a frame and some plastic canvas.
(of course the basics like scissors and hot glue/gun too)

 We painted the frame...because it's for a little girl!

 Cut the plastic canvas to fit inside the frame...
 And hot glue it right in place.
The canvas is stiff and rigid enough to keep its shape.
 A generous bead of hot glue around the top
 edge of the canvas too...just for fun.
 Let cool completely...then fill with earrings!
 The back looks great!

 Perfect display piece and super functional!

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