Metal Stamped Keys!

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6:00 AM
 I love stamping on metal!
I bought these letter stamps almost a year ago...
and made a bunch of washer necklaces...
and I want to punch my name into everything metal I see!
So I decided, KEYS!!!

I did 2 that say "my heart"
Like the Key to my Heart...get it?
 Use black sharpie...and wipe off the top surface with
a Mr. Clean eraser.  Keeps the black down in the crevice.
 I did a couple for cars too!
You could stamp the name of your car.
I drove a van all through high school...I drove a carpool of friends to school in it.
My best friend and I called her "old dime".
 Ha ha, memories.
I wouldn't stamp my address on it...or anything specific...
but a friendly reminder is pretty fun!
Or at least can help you know which key is which!
 Or stamp on your husbands keys!
 And made these ones into necklaces.
 Keys are the best!

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