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Homemade Citronella and Cinnamon Bug Repellant Soap!

 Homemade Citronella and Cinnamon Soap!
Smells good and works as a bug repellant!
I used melt and pour soap base...and warmed it up to melt it.
 Then I added about 8 drops of on guard essential oils and 12 of citronella.
That way this will work as a simple bug repellant.

 Then I sprinkled in some cinnamon.
It smells great and actually works to repel bugs too!
 Stirred it up.

 I used this silicone tray from Wholeport
(You need to use a tray dedicated to soaps, lotions,
crayons, plaster and other non-edible items)
Put a tray under it for stability...

 I sprinkled  a few oats for exfoliating in the mold and then
Poured in the mixture.

Let it sit for a few while it cooled.

And then popped them right out!

And before packaging them I had them sitting out...to make sure no
one decided they were food...I added a note!
I know we will be using these all summer long!

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