Valentine Door Hanger!

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6:00 AM

 Make a Valentine Door Hanger!

 You will need an 8.5 by 11 piece of cardstock.
A scoreboard (or ruler and stylus)
Circle paper punch (to fit over door knob)
Hot glue or adhesive
Stuff to decorate with.

Start by scoring your paper at the
1/2, 1, 4 1/2 and 5" marks
across the 11" part of the paper.

Cut most of the top side off...up to the "center" line you scored

 Fold the score lines.
Fold over and glue in place.
Hot glue is my adhesive of choice here.
 Once it's just need a bottom.
Cut the score lines about 1/2" inch and fold in the 2 thin side.
Fold the top and the bottom and hot glue in place.
Just like the bottom of a cardboard box.
 Like this.
 Add a hole to the top section to easily slip over a door knob.
You could trace a glass and cut it with
scissors if you don't have a punch.
Decorate, fill with treats,

 and hang on doors!
 Great to surprise a neighbor...or your children
 for when they wake up on Valentine's day!

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