Popsicle Stick Bows and Cotton Swab Arrows!

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6:00 AM
 Super Simple Popsicle Stick Bows and Cotton Swab Arrows!
 I got some craft sticks.
They were already dyed different colors...saves time, right?
 I soaked them in hot water for thirty minutes.
(some of the dye comes out into the water...but they still keep most of the color!)
 Then gently bent them and shoved them inside our
 biggest glass mug to make a bowed shape!
And then I let them dry for about 30 minutes.
 I used nail clippers and floss for the rest.
 Use the clippers to nip a tiny notch on both sides of the stick...
on both ends...

 Then take some floss and wrap around the notch a few times...and tie it off.
 Then gently bend it...should still be damp.
And wrap and tie tightly onto the bottom notches.
I did 7 successfully!
 And about 6 snapped in half and ended up in the trash.

 Then we cut one swab end off of a cotton swab...
cut a tiny slit in the end, so it could catch on the bow string...
and the kids shot each other for about 20 minutes.

 They loved them!
Even the 5 year old got the hang of it!
Fun snow day activity!

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