Yellow and White Chevron Chair!

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6:00 AM

 One of my favorite things in the world is finding
 furniture on the side of the road.
Exhibit A.
Free roadside chair:
Story time:
My kids and I decided we would do some service together
and visit some families in our area and take them cookies.
We set out on a hot humid day...about 4:00 pm.  After about the 6th house we
 drove to a friends that was close because my kids needed to use
the restroom and their house was closer than ours.
About 8 houses from theirs, we saw this beauty.
I pulled over and asked the man on the porch if I could take it...
he nodded and I squealed!
We continued on our way.
What's the point of my story?  Service.
Seriously, you will be blessed when you serve others.
Every time.  And that day, my blessing came in the form of this chair.
story over.
 I got the chair home and
immediately set to work.

 There's usually some obvious reasons it's on the side of the road.
Like this chair I got last year had a missing bolt.
Okay, this baby had some heavy grossness on the arms.
(texture, maybe bad or old stain...something!)
So I sanded down the grossness

 And used some wood filler where there were some hairline cracks.
At this point, I spray painted it all white!

 I put my darling daughter on staple remover duty.  She loved it...
crazy right?  This is the most tedious part of any upholstery job!
 I cut some new foam out of an old mattress pad I bought specifically for upholstery.
Because, let's face it...used stuff is awesome...but potentially creepy.

 Then, all ya need is some fabric.
(I found this chevron striped duck cloth in the remnants bin
at Hobby Lobby, so it only set me back about $2)
I use duck's like a thick canvas and cheaper than upholstery.
And a staple gun...with 1/4" staples.

 Staple down one edge first.  Then pull the other
 edge tight while you staple it down.
 Take it slow and pull tight around all the corners.
Play around with it so the cloth lays flat like you want it to.
 Then I just screwed it back on my chair!
I used some sand paper and roughed up the edges just a bit.
I love the finished piece!

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