Feel Sorry T-Shirt!

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6:00 AM
 I  have the silliest daughter!
She asked me to make her a shirt...probably in September or so, that says
"I feel sorry for anyone that doesn't know my mom!"
So, for Christmas, I presented her with this.

Walmart had an after summer clearance on these fitted girls tee's.
They were $2 each.  I bought about $40 worth.
They are PERFECT...I bought half in her current size, and half the next size up.
 I used Black Glitter Iron on Vinyl (from Silhouette)
and cut out a huge stock file loopy flower with my Cameo.
Then used my iron to iron it on completely and peel off the plastic backing.
 Next, I cut the words out of Pink Flocked Iron on Vinyl.
I love the flocked vinyl.  It is my absolute favorite.

When cutting out words, or precise images...reverse the image in the
 Silhouette Studio software prior to cutting.
That way when it cuts out, it is mirrored.

And then irons on the correct direction like this!

Place it on the shirt plastic side up...right where you want it to be.
I did it slightly skewed, because she's a little girl...and I wanted it to look scrawled.

Iron on the second set just like the first, but now I am being careful not
to touch the already ironed on flower with the tip of my iron.
You can also cover all of it with a tea towel and iron the whole thing.

Then peel back the backing slowly to make sure all the letters are adhering.
Place back over and re-iron if necessary.

Now she has a shirt she can really rock around town!

And yes,
everyone who sees the shirt, loves it!

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