Downton Abbey Vintage Valentines!

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 Make Handmade Vintage "Downton Abbey" Style Valentines!

And the best part is they aren't specifically Valentine themed,
so they could be sent all year long!

Stunning with a handmade envelope too!
If you are a watcher of Downton Abbey,
you'll remember the season 3 episode 1...
we are dealing with the grief of passing loved ones and then it is
Saint Valentine's Day, as Mr. Carson reminds Ms. Hughes.
Anna gets one...
 As does Mr. Bates...from secret admirers which is no more than they deserve.

 Ivy gets's cute and heart shaped...and we find out later it's from Alfred.
 Lastly, in the pile of bills, Mr. Carson finds one for Daisy.
Look how tiny and cute that envelope is!

And Daisy's Valentine is beautiful and brightens her day...
and she wants it to be from Alfred.

Even though, it turns out to be from Mrs. Patmore.
I zoomed in on it, so you could see that this is the Valentine style I chose to mimic.

To get started you will need:
kraft paper
Rose images printed on paper (see below)
lace, ribbon or trim
paper doilies
white lightweight paper for the envelope (not cardstock)
mounting foam

And optional:

paper cutter, scoring board, fancy edged scissors, ticket corner punch

I wanted to be able to cut out 2 envelopes on 1 sheet of paper,
so the measurements for the cards are:
3 1/2 inches by 5 1/2"
folded in half.

 The cards are scored down the center and folded.
This part gives a sharp creased edge, but is not necessary.

 Now is the fun part.
Decorating the cards with scraps of ribbon, lace, and trim.
You could add a bow!

 I used a paper doily piece on each card.
I love the vintage look of doilies and lace.

I used double sided tape in my tape gun for adhering lace.
I also used glue dots.  Hot glue would work as well.
Until you are satisfied with the decorations...
 Part 2, you might want some hot cocoa too!

I got these awesome vintage roses from the Graphics Fairy and filled
a sheet with them...right click to save off and print for PERSONAL use only please.

I cut out the roses and used a ticket corner punch to indent
 the corners like little stamp sized tickets.

You could use scissors or a regular hole punch and achieve the same look.

I put three small tabs of mounting foam on the back of the ticket
 And pressed it on over the lace and doily.

 And repeated until they all had a flower!

 I did 16 total.
 And made an envelope to go with each one too!
 Okay, here's the envelope template.
I has 2 wider sides and 2 narrower sides.
with little triangle notches in between.
This template should fit 2 on 1 sheet of paper.
I would print it off, and then trace it onto thicker cardboard, like a cereal box.
Then you can trace it on 1 sheet with pencil...then stack a couple more sheets underneath and cut them out.  I used a paper cutter for the basic rectangle and then scissors for the notches.

Then fold at the bottom of the notches.
Fold in the 2 narrower side flaps, put some adhesive tape on them.
Fold up the bottom flap.  Awesome!
Place in your card and fold down the top!
You can put a sticker to seal it, tape it...or just tie it with twine!
Deliver to your Valentine!
(If you are going to mail them, take them into the post office and
 make sure they have enough postage.  They are small, but thick.)
And the Chevron Backdrop is from the Backdrop Shop!
Click here for a chance to win your own!

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What a fabulous tute! Loving these lovely notes. Mahalo for sharing. I think I'd like our teen volunteers at the library to make some to present to patrons during National Library Week.