Terra Cotta Aroma Therapy Necklace Pendants

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6:00 AM
 Terra Cotta pendants are perfect for aroma therapy.
Just a drop of essential oil to inhale throughout
 the day can make a big difference.
You'll need some Air Dry Terra Cotta Clay and some rubber stamps.

 Roll out a circle...press into a medallion.
Use a straw to punch a hole.
Stamp with a rubber stamp.
Let dry.

 We used a dehydrator to aid in the drying process.

 Then add a necklace...

 Drop 1 drop of essential oils onto your pendant.
Allow the oil to soak in and dry thoroughly before wearing.

 Wear and enjoy the effects of essential oils all day!
 Or for my son, wearing breath keeps the inhaler away all day!
Love it!