Find JOY this Holiday Season with Duck Tape!

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Duck the Halls with a little Joy!
For my Christmas cards this year, I knew I wanted some fabulous prop...
 The perfect props started with some fabulous Holiday Duck Tape!
Duck Brand® has great holiday patterns--aren't those penguins irresistable?
I took some used packing boxes...the usps ones have writing on both sides...
Save all those package boxes and make a bunch of cool words!
Just drew out the letters and let the older kids help cut them out.
I'm cool to turn this into an older kid craft!  Less work for me!
You could do whatever word you want--You could do your kids initials!
 Then we took small strips of Duck Tape and 
covered the tops of the cardboard letters.
Just barely overlaps to the back.
 Looks awesome from the front!
 Now to take a million pictures in the hopes that a few turn out 
Christmas Card Picture Perfect!
It's hard to get 3 kids to make the right face all at the same time!
 And they had some fun!
  And they were silly.
 The cardboard letters store flat and make a great
 Christmas decoration after the photo shoot is over!
Yes, this guy is my joy.
 By the end of the photo shoot...I was ready for a Silent Night!
 Enjoy your holidays with a little
Duck Tape!
Check out this simple Duck Tape Bow too!
Get some Duck Brand® Holiday designs, get crafty
and hashtag them with #duckthehalls
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Anonymous said…
Your kids are so cute. Great idea for Christmas cards! Loved the photo shoot, and burst out laughing at the "Silent Night" picture. Thanks for the chuckle.