Cindy Lou Who Hairdo DIY for Christmas Party!

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Cindy Lou Who Hairdo DIY for Christmas Party!

We love dressing up whenever possible. When my kids were little, after Halloween was over, they would ask each other "What are you going to be for Christmas?" Seriously, we dress up any chance we get. And that means, dressing up like Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas every year for our church Christmas party!

Recreate this look with these supplies:

 Paper Cup
 Hair accessories (brush, elastics, bows, braids)
 Funny and over the top Christmas clothes
 Tea Cup Headband

  It all started when she was 5...and pretty stinkin adorable! We even had her sing the "Where are you Christmas" song for every event. She was the star of the show!

It works just fine even with shorter hair, just add more braids and clips. Below is when she was 6--just days after getting his tonsils removed.

 When she was 7...I let her wear this girly ELF costume...just like second Halloween!

Then we upped our game by adding Teacup headbands to match Cindy Lou and her moms! Because our Party was a breakfast, the kids wore their jammies.

This version of Cindy Lou Who is from the Grinch with Jim Carrey. I love the over-the-top costumes from this movie. Not super crazy about the delivery of the message, but I love the costumes.

This is the final Cindy Lou Hairdo my daughter wore. The end of an era. Perhaps I'll throw a Grinch themed party and bring this back again...but for now, I'll let her grow up.

Here is how to do the hair style. Pull up top part of hair...leaving some hair down for braids later.

 Split the section in half.

Slip in a paper cup...a SOLO cup, like we used this year,  or a even a plastic water bottle! Foam cones make an interesting shape too. You can fit bigger items in if your hair is longer.

 Pull the hair over the top of the cup and fasten it with an elastic... Make sure the hair covers up the cup and you are good!

Then braid the remaining hair, pull them up and clip them around. Curl the top hairs and hair spray them in place. Then accessorize with flowers, bows or a tea cup headband!

We found the Christmas circle skirt at the thrift store. The fur collar was at a yard sale... and the cape is a tree skirt!  Tree skirts make awesome skirts too! Get creative!

That's it!

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