Thanksgiving Fun!

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6:00 AM
We love Thanksgiving!
The first thanksgiving that my hubby and I were married we
 wrote/composed a wonderful Thanksgiving song.
We sing it every year, complete with actions...which are just silly hand gestures!
Everyone in the family either loves it or despises it...but can't wait to hear it!

The kids love it too--they loved it when they didn't even know the words.
Here are my 2 oldest...looking like slobs, but having a great time singing it!
It's a typical home crying in the background
and mom prompting kids along...ahh, the olden days.
Here's the totally in depth lyrics:

Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, there's turkey all around
Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, a gobbler on the ground.
Hail to the happy chopping block, brings us all a feast.
Stuff the bread inside the beast, eat creamed corn!
Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, the pumpkin pie is round
Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, whipped topping all around.

Just about sums up Thanksgiving right?
Ha ha, we have a good time with it!

I feel truly blessed.  I have so much to be thankful for.

Here's some fun Thanksgiving ideas!