Jingle all the Way Vinyl Sign!

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 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Hope you are enjoying some family, food and fun time.

Jingle all the Way Vinyl Sign!

You wont need much to get started with the Silhouette Cameo.
Paper is good start.
My favorite medium is vinyl.
It's easy to work with and adhesive, 
so it makes application a breeze.
 I had my cameo cut some gold vinyl.
For vinyl cutting you don't need to use the mat!
It just feeds into the machine and can cut huge lengths at a time!
(perfect for wall art)

I used some transfer tape on the vinyl...
 To apply to the leaf green painted board...
After peeling off the transfer tape, I
 added some white vinyl that reads
Jingle all the way!

Took me less than 20 minutes!
 Perfect for Holiday decor!
Let's talk Silhouette for real.  
My love for Silhouette happened back in the days of the SD.
Which is similar in size to the Portrait.
I bought one for under $200 and loved it.
Then the Cameo was released...right before Christmas 2011.
I bought one for myself at full price...
and gave my SD to my sister in law.
This summer I found an SD at the Goodwill here for $20.
Since I know the value, I bought it.  
I tested it out and it worked like a charm.
I sent that to my sister as an early Christmas this year.
Now, Silhouette has sent me a Cameo to review.
I love it.
I use my Cameo at least every week...if not every day!
I love it and would buy another one in a heartbeat. 

I've replaced my blade about once every 6 months or so.

If you are on the fence, here's what I suggest:

Go to Silhouette and download the free software Silhouette Studio.
Install it, open it up, and tinker around with it.
Obviously it's not hooked to a machine, so no cutting will happen...
but try it out, see how easy the interface is to work with...
Go to Silhouette blog every week and download the free shape.
Then when you do decided to get the machine, 
you'll have a library full of FREE shapes!
I have used my silhouette for so many things.
(it's paid for itself and more)

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