Light Painting with an SLR Camera!

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6:00 AM
 Light Painting, Light Writing or Light Graffiti is so much fun!
Seriously addicting!
To start, you'll need:
SLR camera  (35 mm Film or digital)
a tripod
flashlights, laser pens, glow sticks, sparklers, candles, lighters...anything that lights up!
and the dark.
 And you might want some little assistants!
 Let's set up the camera first.
(and I'll apologize in advance for my grainy phone pictures)
I used a Canon Rebel I'll show you how I set it up on that,
 and you can find the corresponding buttons on your camera.
Set the camera to TV or Time Value.
This means you can set the time that your shutter stays open.
 By turning this circled dial, I can change the time the shutter opens from
 1/4000 of a second up to 30 seconds.
Here it's set for the full 30 seconds.
Which in some of the light art was too long...
so you'll have to play around with it a little
 I've got my ISO set to 100.
Okay, so now we just have to wait until it's dark outside...or find a dark room.
I set the camera up on the tripod and had my assistant pic a light.
My son got this flashing light wand.

I had him hold the wand about chest height so I could focus the camera on the light.
Then I clicked the button and let him play!
 It's so fun to draw with the light in the air and 
have the camera capture all the action!
 Looks super boring in the pictures I took with the flash...
 But it's so fun to see your art work glow!
Here's his dragon:
 My daughter used 4 finger lights from the dollar store.
So cool!
 Get a couple people in on the action.
Here's my daughter standing still and I drew the angel wings and halo around her!
 And all 3 of my kids with different lights.
Looks like a jumbled light display...but they really got into it!
We learned that a laser pen is a great way to write on the picture.
One person stood with the color changing wand and the person at the tripod held the laser pen.
So while I drew a spider son wrote spider.
 Or the Rainbow and Rain!
 Try it tonight!
This would be great for holiday light pictures too!



Oh my gosh! Gotta try this! :) What is the ISO, and why did you set it to 100?
Anonymous said…
nice technic
funny game
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