Boys Bedroom Renovation!

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6:00 AM
 We are renters here in the south.
We moved here about 7 months ago...and the boys share a room.
Sadly, this is how their room has looked for the 7 months we've been here:

 Just a mattress and fold out mattress on
the floor with all their other junk.
shame on me.

 Well, we got lucky one day driving home from a friends...
we found a PILE of 2 by 4's on the side of the
 road and quickly put them all in the car.
On our way home we also found an old bunk bed
 ladder, some scrap plywood and some wine crates.
The makings of a new room!  For FREE!
I made a rough plan...measured things and cut them.
Had my oldest son do most of the work to pass off a scouting requirement.
 We even had a quart of BLACK paint in the
garage from who-even-remembers-when...some clearance find a long time ago.
So we painted everything black so it looked like it all went together.
(I say we, I mean, HE)
 It was a hot day, so the paint dried super fast!
 When all the cuts were made...we had JUST enough 2 by 4's for the bed!
We had a desk made with the wine crates, bunk bed ladder and scrap plywood!
The perfect amount!
 Here's the bed frame.
3 sections with slats across the top...and the extra piece
of the bunk bed ladder screwed into the side, just for fun!

 The kids loved playing balance beam on it!
At least we know it's strong and sturdy!
 And really is pretty tall.
But we wanted room for all their clothes and toys under the bed.

And here's the desk!

My oldest and favorite son, ;) loves dragons.
Ever since he was tiny.  So we wanted a Dragon's lair feel to the room.
The best part is this GIGANTIC dragon wall vinyl sticker!

Icon Wall Stickers 
sent us a vinyl wall sticker in exchange for our honest opinion in this post.

They have a bazillion different patterns, quotes and images to choose from!
And then a gazillion different color options...we went with black.
I'll most likely get some stickers for the other hugely blank walls in this house!

For the boys, we picked a dragon.
 It's huge, about 39 by 41 inches!
Here's how it turned out!

We had a big blank wall.
With some patch on it.
 The Welsh Dragon Sticker arrived in 2 pieces.
It comes with full instructions for applying as well.
I used masking tape to secure it in place...

 Carefully folded down the top edge of the backing
while keeping it against the wall...

 And slowly peeled it off while smoothing the vinyl to the
wall with my squeegee thing.
Then I did the bottom half of the sticker.
 Rubbed it from the center out with a can use a credit card.
Then you smooth the whole thing out and let it sit there for about 15 minutes.
After that, peel the top paper down over itself and slide it off slowly,
making sure all the vinyl stays stuck on the wall.

Upon completion, you'll have a phenomenal image that finishes off the look!
 This is high quality vinyl and the transfer process was amazingly painless!
Such an easy and amazing update--perfect for renters and home owners alike!



Inle said…
I think my boys would really flip for one of the spaceships.
Scott said…
I would love the dragon one for the dining room. This is cool.
Unknown said…
I like the one with the dump truck, would be perfect for my son's playroom
wendy harwood said…
I really like the "Bless this home and all who enter", but there are quote a few good ones.
Hykel said…
That is a pretty cool looking dragon. I would go for the fleur de lys or the cogs myself.
Judith said…
My kids would love the Mythical Winged Dragon. I on the other hand love the Bird on Branch with Grass
msmissy02 said…
I love the, "Families Are Forever," wall quote. Thanks for the giveaway!
Xayide2 said…
It looks really cool! And I can see some of the dragons we gave him in the pictures too. :)
Xayide2 said…
And I like the "aggresive" unicorn decal
Unknown said…
Awesome job.
Unknown said…
And I like always kiss me goodnight
Azshadella said…
So many nerdy dragon references! I need a dragon one! lol
Unknown said…
Wouldn't mind winning a decal :)
Amanda Harbison said…
What a great idea. I have quotes on the wall, but haven't ever really thought about shapes and designs. I love the idea! Thanks (and the dragon is awesome - I should get one for the DRAGON library!)
Lazy Cat said…
Ooohhh, my kid would LOVE a dinosaur! =D
Unknown said…
I love the "Even the genius asks questions" wall quote!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Awesome job ! I loved how you hid the PSP wiring also good wall stickers