Doctor Who Tardis in a Bottle Necklace!

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6:00 AM

Make an adorable Tardis Necklace for yourself or a fellow Whovian!

Here's what you'll need:
Tardis Blue oven bake clay
White and Black paint
Bottle Charms with Corks 
Ball chain or other chain for necklace 

I got my Bottle charms from Oriental Trading Company
Remember...all orders over $49 ship free!
First use a knife to cut a rectangle of clay.
It's got to be narrow enough to fit inside the opening of the jar,
 so check it out and make changes as needed.
Then cut the top to make it the right height.

 Add a larger piece on top, followed by a smaller cube.
I used an x-acto knife to cute the "roof" shape.

 Add the lantern/light to the top.

I made 3.  Then baked them in the oven according 
to the package directions.
 After they cooled,
I used white paint and a tiny paint brush and painted on the details.

 Added the Police box...super carefully since it was so tiny!
and mixed some gray for some shadowing.

 Then I used some E6000 and skinny tweezers...

 Put a small dot of glue on the bottom of the Tardis,
 And used the tweezers to lower to the bottom of the jar.
Pressed in place and allowed to dry before corking!


 Added a ball chain!

Think of all the people you could make one for...
It's smaller on the outside.



misscollyann said…
it is absolutely amazing tutorial! I'm so inspired <3 Thank You Dear :)
Leila said…
LOVE!!!! thanks for posting this.
Love this, I am planning right now how soon I can find time to get the bits and pieces to make one!
Unknown said…
If I could save time in a bottle...
Sharlyn said…
So cute !! I am finding your DH projects on pinterest, love it!!
Alba Blair said…
Hi! I love this! I bought clay to usetomake it but mine is shiny and it dyes my hands and very soft to use. It is Sculpey clay and I've never had any problems with it before. What type did you use? I'm going to try earrings with eye pins through them if I can find different clay. Thanks!