Doctor Who Inspired Bow-tie Wreath!

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6:00 AM
Most anticipated day of the YEAR is here!
the Day of the Doctor is released today!

Okay, check out this Bow-tie Wreath we made.
We needed something for the front door to take us through November.

 I had some blue mesh leftover from our
 Doctor Who inspired Christmas Tree...
a metal hoop and some pipe cleaners.

 Twist pipe cleaners on the hoop all around...
  Start by putting the mesh fabric on the hoop and twisting the pipe cleaner on it.
Then scrunch the mesh a bit and twist it on at the next pipe cleaner.

Repeat all around the hoop...and keep
 going until you are out of mesh
Then twist and wrap the pipe cleaners to the backside of the wreath.

And then I hot glued on some red fleece bowties because they are cool.
I might add more to it at some point, but for now it is up on the front door!