Vampire Fangs Place Card Holders!

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6:00 AM

Turn super cheap Vampire Fangs into fancy place setting card holders!

 Get some cheap fangs from the store.
I got 12 for 97 cents.
 Fill half of the back with hot glue...let it cool.

 Then put a dot of hot glue on the inside where the top and bottom bend.
Bend it and hold it where you want it to stay.

 This took a couple minutes to get to cool off enough to hold its shape.

 Hold the form carefully while you fill the top half of the teeth with hot glue.
 The paper that fits in mine is 1 inch wide.
 You could leave it white...
 I went with silver.
Spray painted them and let them dry.

Perfect place settings for a Murder Mystery Dinner!
 Or labels for a Halloween dinner buffet!
 Totally Vampire Chic!

 Love them!

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