Happy Halloween!

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6:00 AM

Happy Halloween!
I've always loved Halloween!
And I met my husband on Halloween night...so that sort of seals the deal!
 I'm not into gore or scares...
but we love costumes!
 I love this cape I made!  I want to wear it everyday!
Do you think I can get away with wearing it to church or something?
Check out the Cape Here!
Check out the Twilight Sparkle Costume Here!
Check out Jango Fett Here!
And the fat ninja we picked up last year after Halloween...love those sales!



mizdarlin said…
Love your cape! I've always had a 'thing' for capes, they are so, I don't know, romantic or something..guess you could wear it to certain churches..heh heh heh...
Happy Halloween, Nat...