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Upcycled Knob Hanging Coat Rack or Jewelry Organizer!

 I took those colored knobs from yesterday and turned them into
a hanging organizer for my daughter.
She hangs stuff all over the posts of the bed, and I thought this would help!
 I found a strip of wood and painted it white on one side.
Took the drill and drilled out 6 holes for my screws.

 Got some regular cabinet machine screws and
shoved them through the holes...
 Then twisted on the knobs!

 I added a hanging wire on the backside...

 And Ta-da!
 Now, here's the hanging secret of the century:
A magnet.
We pulled this magnet out of an old hard drive I think...
Anyways, it's super strong and a couple inches long.
We just lightly skim it over the walls and it will stick tight onto any nail that's in the wall!
Makes finding studs easy!  :)
 Once mounted securely into a stud...

 Anything (within reason) can hang on this thing!
Jewelry, coats, swimsuits, backpacks...you name it!

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