Hi to Lo DIY Skirt Upcycle!

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6:00 AM

  Okay, here's a super quick upcycle I did.
The {subtle} Hi to Lo Skirt.

 I got this skirt at Goodwill.
Gorgeous.  Full Circle.  Black and sort of tribal.
 Sequined and sparkly, $5...and...

 A really awkward shin length.
I am short...so shin length is not great.
(and let's be honest...itty bitty waist!)
 I thought I could just cut it shorter and make it cute...like these ones.
But I decided try a hi to low skirt variety.
(this one ended up more subtle that I imagined, probably more because of my big booty...)

Alas, I begun by marking the top edge of the skirt, because I
wanted to leave the full design of the skirt at the base.
Pinned about 6 inches lower right at the front middle and about
3 inches down on either side.  (can you see those pins...mingled with sequins?)
The back would stay the full length.
 Just marked with a pin.  You could use several pins to
 make sure the taper from sides to center is symmetrical.
 Then before cutting anything, I sewed a topstitch all
 around the skirt, following the taper lines.
My skirt is lined, so this kept it all together and in place.
 Here it is basically after I top stitched and cut right above the line.
Note: the opening is now much larger than previous.
This would be an easy fix if the skirt was too tight to begin with...
or makes it easy to gather if using an elastic waist.

I got some 2 inch elastic and measured it around me...and then
 cut it 1 inch shorter and sewed it together like a band.
Then using a subtle zig zag stitch and pulling the elastic while stitching it onto the skirt.
 Gently pull the elastic while sewing...this way when the
elastic is stretched it wont pop the seams!

 Done!  Pretty simple and only took about 15 minutes!
 Because it's such a wide circle skirt, the hi to lo is very subtle...but it's pretty!
Here I am ready for church and feet covered in wet grass...
someone had left the lawn mower out.

 I noticed something about me when my daughter took these pics...
my hair...look at this:
Half of it is straight and the other half is wavy...
I had no clue there was such a harsh line...
Anyway, Go upcycle some clothes today!

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Love it! And my hair does the same thing, but on the opposite axis, the top of my head is "crazy kinky curly". The bottom is just "eh, wavy". Love the shoes with the outfit! So snazy :)