Brookside Chocolate and Spider Muffins!

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 Brookside Chocolate has created the perfect union of fruit and DARK chocolate.
I love dark chocolate!
I find that when I am "eating right" and "health conscious" that when
 I have a sweet craving, I only will settle for a dark chocolate treat...not milk chocolate.
I guess it's my "Am I eating healthy?" meter.
 We sampled all 3 of the Brookside Chocolates.
Goji with Raspberry, Pomegranate and Acai with Blueberry.
 In a blind taste test for the 3 of daughter 9 and son 11...and me
(youngest son is allergic to chocolate...I know, right?)
We ate a piece of each.
Now, while they are all so good...
 Our FAVORITE was the Goji!
So good.  If you are a fan of raspberry sticks, you will adore these.
They are healthier too!
They have an ingredient list that I can understand and read.
I'm tempted to just mix the 3 bags together and 
enjoy the subtle differences as I eat!
I'm going to have a big bowl of these out at my next craft party!
 We decided they were the perfect size and shape for a little spider...
and we have Halloween on our minds.
So we made pumpkin spice muffins with some cream cheese frosting!
And yes, they were divine!
Pick up some Brookside Chocolates for your Halloween spider muffins too!
 Don't forget to "Like" Brookside Chocolate on Facebook
And there will be in-store Brookside demos 
happening on 10/5 at Sam’s Club stores!
You will want to be there!

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I have only ever had the pomegranate one. Super yummy :)