Doctor Who Party Week: GAMES!

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6:00 AM
 You'll need a bunch of fun games for the
 perfect Doctor Who themed party!
Here's what we did:

Tardis Adipose Baby Toss

 This was a super fun game!

 We made little Adipose babies out of pom-poms!
4 small and 1 large...just like the marshmallows!
 Used puffy paint for the eyes and mouth.

 And a giant cardboard box to make the Tardis!
It took me nearly 5 minutes to make...
I just watered down some acrylic paint and brushed it on super fast.

 After it dried, I added darker shade of blue and white.
I didn't bother making it look perfect...I'm more of a Van Gough, I guess!

 Cut out the holes and launch away!
 Huge hit with the little kids...
we let them stand pretty close too!

Pin the Face on Cassandra

 I knew we NEEDED a "pin the" kind of game...
Inspiration struck as we watched "The End of the World".
Cassandra.  Easy and perfect!
We used 9 regular sheets of paper.

 I used a pencil and sketched the indents and then cut them out.
 We laminated all 9 sheets of paper...and lined them back up.

Cut off the lamination excess and used clear
 packing tape to tape her all together!
 The faces were simple and funny!
And we did enough that everyone could pick one.
 It was so fun!

 Turned out great!

 Because it's all laminated we saved it on the back
 of the closet door to use again someday.
You could just use paper and throw it out at
 the end of the party!  Easy!

Weeping Angels
Blink/Don't Blink Game!

How to Play
(just like Red light/Green light)
One person is “it” and plays the part of the Weeping Angel.
The other kids line up about 20 feet away from “it.”
Facing away from the other kids, “it’ calls out “Blink!”
The other kids move toward “it.” “It” then calls out “Don't Blink!”
and turns around quickly. Any of the kids who are caught
moving must go back to the start line.
Play continues until someone reaches and tags “it.”
 That person then becomes “it.” The trick to winning
 this game is to move smoothly so that you can freeze
 instantly until you are within reach of “it.”
Cyberman Says
How to Play
(just like Simon Says)
 Give simple directions for them to follow...
like jump up and down...clap hands...etc
If you say "Cyberman says" first, they should do it.
If you do not say "Cyberman says" first, they should not do it.

Plasmavore Straw Game
(see it back there?)
 There's some fun party "straw sucking up candy" games...
but this was a party for a 5 year old and I didn't want to share slobbery germs.
Here's what we did.
I put a few mini m&m's into individual plastic containers.
Each child got one and a straw.
They had to use the straw and apply suction just enough
 so that they could lift the m&m out of the container...then they could eat it.
 They loved this!
Relates to the first episode with Martha Jones:
"Smith and Jones"

Smilers Booth
We covered the door with a plastic tablecloth 
to use as a backdrop for photos!

Dart Balloons
 We rolled up numbered pieces of paper and stuffed them in balloons.
Each number coresponded to a prize (dollar store toy)
Each child got to pop one balloon and open their prize.
They loved it!

Punch a Hole in the Fabric of Time
This was the HIGHLIGHT of the night!
We did promise that the party would be so epic it would punch a hole
 through the fabric of this is how we ended the night!

 A fabulous punch box!
Here's how we made it:
We took a large box and cut squares in it.  About 6 inches or so.

Turned it over
 Cut and taped a brown paper lunch sack around each square hole!

 Carefully taping them all in place and using packaging
 tape to make sure they are secure!
 From the front we put a little goodie bag in each slot.
They were filled with: 1 pkg of microwave popcorn, some tootsie rolls and 2 airheads.
Keep it pretty light...ours was a little heavy, but we
propped it up against the wall and it worked great!
 Then we covered the squares with tissue paper.
In the future, I would just cover it with tissue paper completely rather than squares...note to self.
 Okay, then we took some kraft packaging paper and rolled a piece over the top.
I felt where the holes were cut and traced a circle with pencil.

 Then I put the paper on the floor and cut the circles out.
Really rough.  Covered the box again and taped it on like a present!

Added the Fabric of Time to it...and let each of the kids at the party
Punch through the fabric of time!

And each got a goodie bag to take home!
Done deal.  As one little boy left, he said it was the best party ever, 
and way funner than a pinata!
 Best part?
I peeled off the coverings...the paper bags are still in tact...and ready for the next party!
No pinata can do that!   Up to the loft it goes,
 until I need it for a church lesson or another party!
 Oh yeah, it's the other half of this box...
so they store nicely together!

Spinner Wheel
 We used this Dry Erase spinner wheel we made last year!
We wrote things on it like Blink, timey wimey, cyberman, dalek...
Each child got to spin the wheel and then we acted like the thing it landed on!
This actually turned out to be way funner than I thought it would.
I used it as a time filler...but they wanted to play with it forever!
(can you blame them, that thing is the bomb!)

Hope you have some Doctor Who Game inspiration!
me, I'm partied out!

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Kims koming said…
Unknown said…
OMG i was just using google to find ideas, my 10 year old wants a DW theme for her birthday this year. And i had no idea where to start.
Now i do!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!
Unknown said…
A HUGE thank you to you for such awesome Doctor Who party theme ideas. Our 7th birthday party was a huge success. The kids loved the "Punch a hole in time and space" game to get their party favor bags ... which contained a sonic screwdriver pen and tardis journal. Great ideas, great instructions/guide on how to make them.
Susie Otto said…
You've saved my behind! I was planning a DW themed party and thought "eh the kids can just run around outside" until I figured out we have really bad stickers all over the front and back yard. These ideas are so great for them having to be stuck inside! Thank you so much for sharing! :)
Unknown said…
really helping me out my Soon to be 10 year old wants a doctor who party and this helps big time a number of your things will be used. i think we will have a hit on our hands so thank you.