Doctor Who Party Week: Clothes & Cosplay!

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 If you are going to have a Doctor Who Themed Birthday Party...
You'll want to dress the part!

Cosplay is always awesome.
My daughter did the Oswin Oswald from the Starship Alaska
Red Dress from the Dalek Asylum.
We went oober simple and just made it out of 2 t-shirts.

 She wished she had some red converse...but everyone
 took their shoes off anyway, so no one noticed.
If we were going to Comic-con, we would
have spent more time on it anyway!

If you're not up for cosplay...t-shirts are awesome and easy to customize.
We did a bunch for this party!

We used FREEZER Paper stenciling for theses ones:
Love this Silhouette Cameo.
Worth its weight in gold.  Seriously.
Just ran some freezer paper through it and it cut out our stencil.

 Okay, this is the "tricky" part.
You iron the shiny side of the freezer paper onto the shirt.

 Lay it out carefully where you want it and begin to iron.
The freezer paper with stick to the t-shirt like magic!

 And even those tiny pieces that were cut out completely,
need to be refitted on and ironed in place...

 Like those little guys there...line them up and iron them in place.

 Next bust out the paint.
I use some fabric paint, but also got some fabric medium,
so I can add it to any paint and it will make it great for fabric...
soft still, not all stiff and rigid.

 Alright, then using a stencil brush just paint like you would a stencil!
Dab down, from the outside in...although the freezer paper makes a tight seal.
Oh yeah, see that bleach spot?  It was the reason it was $1 at the dollar store.
Watch it disappear...

 Once I am satisfied with the painting...

 Lift off the freezer paper and use a small hook
 tool to get off those little pieces too!

 Way cool.  Sort of a steampunk vibe!

 Looking good on my totally handsome little man!

 Here's some other FREEZER Paper shirts we did:
Front pocket area:



Back side:

The last one I did was a Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl
and I am in love with this one!

Silhouette machine cut it out...

I weeded out the negative spaces
Placed it on my shirt...this one was for the 5 year old Birthday boy!

Ironed it on...
 Peeled off the plastic and ta da!
 Never was there a happier 5 year old Time Lord!
My boys love their "matching" shirts!

I've done tons of other shirts in the past...

Linking up to THESE parties this week!



Unknown said…
These shirts are awesome! My 4 kids are geeking out about them. Would you be willing to share your cut file for the sonic screwdrivers?
Unknown said…
I'm the unknown comment. I clicked the follow up email this time.
Unknown said…
Love the shirts! My twin boys LOVE Dr Who & I have a Silhouette Cameo & would really like to try making the t-shirts. Where did you get the images to cut?
Unknown said…
Love the shirts! My twin boys LOVE Dr Who & I have a Silhouette Cameo & would really like to try making the t-shirts. Where did you get the images to cut?
Dragonfly4 said…
I absolutely LOVE your Doctor Who tees! Is there any chance you could share the files for the eleventh Doctor and the timey wimey shirt?
My daughter's 16th is coming up and I would love tho make these for favors!
Lindy said…
I totally stalk your blog for cool geeky t-shirt inspiration and for my daughter's 13th birthday (Doctor Who themed). I have been making freezer paper shirts for a couple of years now, but doing it old school, using my computer screen as a light table, tracing, and cutting out with an exacto knife. I have a Cricut but I find it difficult to use freezer paper (or contac paper) in it because it is either too sticky and the paper rips when I pull it off or it's not sticky enough and it slips when it cuts. I am considering a silhouette because it doesn't seem like this shirt making business (and by business, I mean keeping my family in geeky shirts)is a passing fad and freezer paper is cheap. Right now I have a drawer full of once used "stencils" that is a bit chaotic. I try to be minimalist in my crafting and my dust gathering Cricut makes me think I'm good with my exacto knife but I now find myself pining after a Silhouette. I was wondering if you could talk a bit about the pros and cons of owning one (including cost to maintain). I pretty much only do clothing right now.

Additionally, I want to say that I absolutely LOVE all the stuff you do here! I told my husband that I found our new best friends on this blog!! Thanks for sharing your craftiness!!
Nelda said…
I love the timey-wimey T-Shirt, do you have a studio file or svg for it?
... said…
I'm lovin these shirts! Freezer paper + cameo = AMAZING! Like a few others have asked, I'd love the .studio or svg file for the timey-wimey quote, any chance you'd share it with us all? Please and thank you ;)
Wendi Higby said…
These are perfect for my daughter's Dr Who party next month! It's her sweet 16 and this is the theme! Would you be willing to share your cut files so I could make her a shirt? These are fabulous!
Unknown said…
love all your dr.who files! please share :)