Slip Knot Nautical Anchor Bracelet!

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 Slip Knot Anchor Bracelet!

 Anchors (or anything nautical) are so trendy right now...and there is no
 better place I've found to get them than Wholeport!
5 anchors for $3
(less if you buy in bulk!)
These are thick, sturdy metal.

 I used satin cord...but Wholeport has lots of cord too.
Some leather or suede cord would be cool...anyway.
You will need 20 inches.

These slip knots will make your bracelet adjustable.
Begin by threading the cord through the anchor loop.
 Loop it around and hook it on the anchor this:

 Now, you'll be making slip knots using the loose
cord wrapped around the looped
 And here:
 Begin by looping the loose cord around the looped cord...
Wrap it around 3 times.

 Like this:

 Take the loose cord and pull it all the way over the loops you just made...
and then through the center of them...then pull all the cords tight.
 Give it a try...or try it a couple times to get the hang of it.
Do on both sides...then tie a little knot on the end of the loose cord.
Finishes it off nicely!

 Here's how the adjusting works...those
little knots just slide together or apart!

 Anchors Aweigh!  :)
 Gorgeous!  These would be a great TWEEN/TEEN-age craft!
Maybe a summer camp...or birthday party!

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Unknown said…
OMG what a pretty bracelet. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
Trendy Arm Candy
Unknown said…
I am definitely going to try this!! :) I have been looking for a bracelet like this but the ones I've seen in stores have been expensive.
Unknown said…
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