My Bottom 10

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My Bottom 10 List
Okay, so here's 10 pet peeves of mine...
Just to get to know me a little more!
I'm upbeat and optimistic...
these are just little things that get my goat!
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It's like one day the dishes are clean and put away,

 then the next day---disaster strikes! And as soon as everything is clean 
and put away, it's meal time again!
 The dirty dish monster takes over my kitchen daily! 
Is there no way to keep him at bay?

2.  Doors left partially open...oooh, doesn't that bug you?

(apart from the color and dirt...?)
This has always bothered me.  The worst is cupboard doors!  
They are made to be, if you're cramming tons of 
stuff in there and it just wont shut...ahh!
These particular cupboards will close completely if the cookie sheets 
are standing straight up...but not if they are tilted...
another reason to not buy this house.
I've had friends in the past intentionally leave 
things open to see if I'd notice.  I did.

3... Lights left on in unoccupied rooms or halls. 

 It will quietly haunt me until I get up and turn off the unneeded lights! 

4... Unlocked doors drive me secretly insane. 
This probably was spawned in me from my dad; he bolts
 the house doors, he puts a stick in the sliding door, he locks the 
car all the time...even if we are loading it and are coming right
 back out to the about paranoia!  
So now I have to lock the doors, in the house, in the car...
sometimes even when I we are still going in and out...
the hubby calls me a "doorlocker".  
I've been known to lock him out on several occasions.

5... Driving down the passing lane.  Left lanes should be

 to pass a slower vehicle on the right...It bugs me
 when people just drive down the left lane.  

Here we are doing it...hubby driving.
Oh yeah, I'm a slow driver too...but this girl has a "no tickets ever" record!

6... Washing my face and taking showers.  

I hate it...but I do it everyday...morning and night.  
{You wouldn't guess it though with all these breakouts that keep happening}   

7... Talking on the phone.  I'm not one to enjoy a long talk on the phone.  
I like catching up with people...or keeping in touch...especially now that
 I am far away from family...but I prefer a text or an email.   
I hardly ever have my phone on...or with me...
my husband hates my unreliability.  
(pictured is me answering a phone call at our business more than 10 years ago)

8...Water left running.
I took this picture while filling up a it didn't bug me.
But leaving the water running while brushing teeth or something...torture!

9...Spelling and grammatical errors in texts and facebook statuses...

misuse or lack of apostrophes...that sort of thing.  

Ha ha ha, but misspelled tattoo's crack me up!
 And road signs...or things to buy at stores...
{Strangely the overuse of ellipses and exclamation points doesn't bug me at all...}

10...Chewing ice or sinking teeth into other cold things.  

Like this 2 ingredient Ice Cream...
I do not munch on teeth are super cold sensitive.  
I also suffer when I hear or see others around me chonking down
 ice or sticking their teeth into Popsicles.

So there.  Do you think I am super weird?
Any of those the same as you?  Do you do any of those things?

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Twitch said…
Almost completely. Well everything but the driving in left hand lanes (if I'm driving faster than everyone else - which my heavy foot leads me to do, the left lane is where I'm at... now people driving the speed limit in the left lane suck. lol). And showers. I love a good shower (plus I bathe with food, so it totally awesome.) But the kitchen is the bane of my existence... as are lights and open pantry doors and water just running... One thing I feel you blatantly missed is laundry... but we don't have a W/D so laundry is an event here...
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on just about everything here. Are we both super weird?
I'd recently had a conversation with my friend about #9, and all of those words came up! However, you missed my biggest spelling peeve...when people spell "should of" instead of "should have" or "should've". (The same goes for could and would). Grrrr.