How to Cover a Textbook with Duct Tape!

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Slipcover a textbook...
and make it last with some Duck Tape brand Duct tape!
 We had to cover our text books in high school.
But the paper would just tear and it wasn't great for very long!
 But duct tape will totally take the durability up!
Plus--super easy to tell which book is math and which is history!
You could color coordinate your textbooks with your binders!
 Okay, so start with some KRAFT paper!
You can get rolls of this at the dollar store...
or find a grocery store that still carries paper bags.
You need 4 times the width of your book.
And just about twice the height.
 Fold up the bottom edge about 4-5 inches and crease well.

 Fold down the top edge so it is just slightly
 slightly taller than the book.

 Then fold one side over about 4-6 inches.

 Your book will slip right into the sleeve you just created!

  Then get the book snuggly in and you will see how much you
 need to fold over the other flap.
Trim the paper if it's about 4-6 inches.
 The other side will slip right in too!
 Like this!  Works on any size or thickness of book!
 Awesome...but not ultra durable!
 Find some awesome patterned Duck Tape!
(this post was not sponsored by Duck Tape--it's just that great!)
 Start by wrapping the 4 corners...
over the edge and around the inside of the sleeves...

 Then wrap the tape around the entire book...and inside the sleeves.
Cut inside for the perfect fit!

 Wrap it anyway, any color you like!
There are a gazillion patterns to choose from!
 Way more durable!
And removable!  Keep it for next semester!

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Hi this looks so cute and my daughter loves using duck tape! We use it all the time. The book looks great! I saw it on craft o maniac.
Julie from
Unknown said…
This is genius! I wish I loved duct tape in high school as much as I do now :) Such a great idea!