Hand Stamped Metal Washers!

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6:00 AM
 I love the look of hand stamped jewelry!
And because we had a set of Alphabet letter punches laying around
we decided to try them out on some washers!
So we got a box of fender washers for about $6...
 Used our letters and whacked them as hard as we could.
Turns out, my 11 year old boy was able to do a far better job than me...
so I let him take over!

 My daughter loved making a few as well!

 After the punching, you use a sharpie and color over the letters,
making sure to get ink down in the impression you just made!
 Then use a magic eraser to wipe the black sharpie off the top of the washer...

 Leaving the imprint dark.
Looks awesome!
 Even where the die slips...it still looks awesome!

 And even the washer that was practiced on...looks pretty fun!

 We used some 550 parachute cord to tie them off for necklaces and keychains!
 And I couldn't resist a little Hello Sweetie!

 Even the 4 year old did one.  All he could manage was a J with my help...
 But he was sure proud!
Great gift idea and something older kids really enjoy!
Perfect gift for "him"!

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steve said…
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Unknown said…
I love your creativity and I can't wait to try this when I find some alphabetical punchers. Also I just had to say I love you because of the "Hello Sweetie". Can't wait for November!
Anonymous said…
where can I find alphabet stampers?