Feathers, Pearls and Flowers! Flapper Style Headbands!

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 Lets start with the iconic Feather Headband...

 I got this fabulous feather embellishment from Wholeport for $6.
They have a big variety...peacock feathers too!

 I used a metal headband and some stretch lace.

 Just hot glued the lace to the headband...

 I fit it to my model and marked where I wanted the feathers to sit.
 Then I put a strip of hot glue on the felt backing of the feathers.
Glued it on!

 Simple and luxurious!
Sort of a 20's flapper feel...modernized.

 She loves this!

 Next is the whimsical flower and pearl headband.

 I was sent this yard of chiffon flower trim from Wholeport!

 I used a wide metal headband form, just like the feather headband.

 I began by hot gluing the flowers around the headband.
I didn't even measure...but I used all but 1 flower on this!

2 important points:
#1.  Put the glue on the headband, not the flowers themselves.
The chiffon and tulle are so thin they will not stay fluffy
 if you apply glue to the flower itself.
#2.  Keep the flowers attached to the tulle and fluff it up between
the rosettes like pictured.  Take advantage of that extra texture.
Then I just hot glued on some varying sizes of pearl beads.
 Sort of a Fairy flower girl look...she loves it!
 I receive supplies from Wholeport and
 have the honor of crafting with them.
I also shop at Wholeport, they have a huge
selection of crafty things at great prices!

Like these cheap lace collars!

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Anonymous said…
beautiful headbands. I liked the flower one. ~Melissa, Mugwaii Blogspot
Anonymous said…
beautiful headbands. I liked the flower one. ~Melissa, Mugwaii Blogspot
Fabulous stylin' headbands! Perfect princess accesory! Mahalo for sharing.