Bubblegum Backdrops Giveaway!

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6:00 AM
 Anyone who likes photography will LOVE this!
  I discovered Bubblegum Backdrops just recently...
something I WISH I'd known about forever.
They sent me a custom backdrop for me to try out!
I love it!

I picked a gray damask for the top half and a chevron wood for the bottom half...
separated with a strip of white molding!
Check out all their options...which one would you pick???

 It's easy to hang...I just used 2 tiny thumbtacks!
Cover that hideously non-photograph worthy off yellowish-green wall.
{perks of renting}
 And the cool thing is...I can hang it all the way to the ceiling (8 feet tall)
and use it as a standing backdrop...the molding like a chair rail...
(yes I should have smoothed it out better...but it was for practice)
Like this that I used on this post!
I can hang it lower and use it as the wall, the floor molding and the flooring!
Like if I had an adorable baby to photograph...
Or I can use them as a tablecloth and take up close pics!
Like this photo I took for an up and coming magazine issue!

So super versatile!  I want must get more!
I did order 2 more 4 by 4's...one in distressed wood...
(all the wood panel ones are awesome!)
 And black and white damask...
 Since we moved homes, I miss our brick walls!
I want need to get some in brick...maybe one of these:

These are high quality vinyl backdrops.
They are thick, easy to clean and care for!
Perfect for foodies too!  Easy to clean and stores way
easier than a big wood backdrop.

Here's the BEST part!
Bubblegum Backdrops wants to
 give one of you Doodlecraft
 readers your own backdrop too!
An all-in-one size!
Over $72 value! 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall!
The pattern of YOUR choosing!
Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below!
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Xayide2 said…
I think I want the Clean Light Damask background, portrait is fine.
Azshadella said…
The black and white checkered tile is my fav! Such a classic dinner feel to it... though as I look around they all appeal to me!
Unknown said…
I love the stone wall with flowers, however, there are many other ones I like as well...grunge colored wall, old white door, etc.
mizdarlin said…
Love the grunge alley combo of brick and wood..best of both worlds!
Hykel said…
I can't get enough redwood so it would have to be the stained damask & redwood for me.
Those backdrops are awesome!
I love the metal diamonds
Anonymous said…
Vintage Oak wood is wonderful! I could definitely put it to good use ♥
I like the spring wood, would love it for photos for my blog!
Jen said…
I love the white wash wood an damask
Amanda Harbison said…
Oh, they are all so lovely! But if I had to pick ONE--- Damask wallpaper and Natural wood
These are great! They would come in handy when taking pics of the grandkids or art projects! Thanks for sharing!
Kelly B said…
I like the sloppy brick, I too need a brick wall :)
Unknown said…
Retro Paper and Knotted Pine - love both
Unknown said…
This was a hard one, but I think I would like to own Damask Wallpaper - Natural Wood, Antique Grey Damask, or Old Planks (favorite)
April said…
I too think these will become very addicting! I think I would start my new collection with Antique Damask and Vintage Oak, but there are so many I want!
Unknown said…
love the brick wall! my fav.
Unknown said…
Love the brick wall! my fav.I'm planning to buy one.