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Bubblegum Backdrops Giveaway!

 Anyone who likes photography will LOVE this!
  I discovered Bubblegum Backdrops just recently...
something I WISH I'd known about forever.
They sent me a custom backdrop for me to try out!
I love it!

I picked a gray damask for the top half and a chevron wood for the bottom half...
separated with a strip of white molding!
Check out all their options...which one would you pick???

 It's easy to hang...I just used 2 tiny thumbtacks!
Cover that hideously non-photograph worthy off yellowish-green wall.
{perks of renting}
 And the cool thing is...I can hang it all the way to the ceiling (8 feet tall)
and use it as a standing backdrop...the molding like a chair rail...
(yes I should have smoothed it out better...but it was for practice)
Like this that I used on this post!
I can hang it lower and use it as the wall, the floor molding and the flooring!
Like if I had an adorable baby to photograph...
Or I can use them as a tablecloth and take up close pics!
Like this photo I took for an up and coming magazine issue!

So super versatile!  I want must get more!
I did order 2 more 4 by 4's...one in distressed wood...
(all the wood panel ones are awesome!)
 And black and white damask...
 Since we moved homes, I miss our brick walls!
I want need to get some in brick...maybe one of these:

These are high quality vinyl backdrops.
They are thick, easy to clean and care for!
Perfect for foodies too!  Easy to clean and stores way
easier than a big wood backdrop.

Here's the BEST part!
Bubblegum Backdrops wants to
 give one of you Doodlecraft
 readers your own backdrop too!
An all-in-one size!
Over $72 value! 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall!
The pattern of YOUR choosing!
Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Xayide2 said...

I think I want the Clean Light Damask background, portrait is fine.

Azshadella said...

The black and white checkered tile is my fav! Such a classic dinner feel to it... though as I look around they all appeal to me!

Unknown said...

I love the stone wall with flowers, however, there are many other ones I like as well...grunge colored wall, old white door, etc.

mizdarlin said...

Love the grunge alley combo of brick and wood..best of both worlds!

Hykel said...

I can't get enough redwood so it would have to be the stained damask & redwood for me.
Those backdrops are awesome!

Joe and Julianne said...

I love the metal diamonds

Anonymous said...

Vintage Oak wood is wonderful! I could definitely put it to good use ♥

Melissa@TheHappierHomemaker said...

I like the spring wood, would love it for photos for my blog!


I love the white wash wood an damask

Amanda Harbison said...

Oh, they are all so lovely! But if I had to pick ONE--- Damask wallpaper and Natural wood

Works From The Attic by Linda said...

These are great! They would come in handy when taking pics of the grandkids or art projects! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly B said...

I like the sloppy brick, I too need a brick wall :)

MB Isaac said...

Retro Paper and Knotted Pine - love both

Alison Ivey said...

This was a hard one, but I think I would like to own Damask Wallpaper - Natural Wood, Antique Grey Damask, or Old Planks (favorite)

April said...

I too think these will become very addicting! I think I would start my new collection with Antique Damask and Vintage Oak, but there are so many I want!

Campbell Parker said...

love the brick wall! my fav.

Campbell Parker said...

Love the brick wall! my fav.I'm planning to buy one.

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