Phonetic Alphabet Freedom Distressed Sign!

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6:00 AM

Phonetic Alphabet Freedom Distressed Sign!

Something about the phonetic alphabet is so patriotic to me!
What better than making it into some holiday decor?
I started with a beat up board that was buried in the garage hoard.

Painted it blue, dry brush technique.
So you basically feel like you don't have enough paint on your brush...
makes it easier to distress it later!
Sanded it down a bit when it was dry.

Cut some letters out of vinyl...
I only had a tiny bit of white I got creative fitting the letters on there.
(weeded them off, and used transfer tape then cut them apart)

laid them out...
Hmmm, an extra "me" for some reason...
 So I stuck it to MY water bottle...
And then cut out a FREEDOM, all in caps.

Laid them out same as the other letters...

Applied them to the wood...

Perfect Patriotic decor!  :)

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TheMoonAndMe said…
Cute! I used to always ask my husband "what's the word for...?" He'd just laugh and tell me. I've tried to memorize them now...since that's how he always spells stuff out. :)