Army Blanket Bedspread!

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6:00 AM
 Here in Alabama the humidity is a killer.
Cold times are so FRIGID and when it's Hot, it's BRUTAL!
So the comforter I had for our bed wasn't cutting it.
It was too thick...and therefore ended up in a wad on the floor.
And...we needed something that the Husband and I both agreed on.

 Then my hubby needed to get a poncho liner for some training...and it was awesome.
But it was Multicam.  He suggested putting a couple of those on our bed.
Not happening with my aqua and black decor! 
I found out they were available (and cheaper) in black!  Yay.
I like that they are lightweight...but still covering.
I have to be covered--even in the summertime...except I put my feet out
 of the blankets.  (does anyone else do this?)
The silky-ish material stays nice and cool too.
And it's sewn all the way through, so they wash up really easy

 I ordered 2.  They have ties that you can tie them together...
We tried it out just a couple nights tied together,
and it was too easy to get confused in the night...
I would steal the blankets and they would get all turned around...

 So, I just sewed them together.  Right down the center.
You can barely see the seam on the bed!
 And when the bed is made...can't tell at all.
And I changed up my gallery wall a bit in this house.
Awesome right!?
 Jewelry Armoire
$5 Nightstand
Cubby shelf
Phoenix Wall Art
I like, like you
teapot lamp

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L. said…
You are right ! You can't tell the difference, and the decoration is gorgeous *.*
Unknown said…
I'm with you about the feet. I call them my thermostat. Good job sewing the 2 together.
Unknown said…
hey are you LDS? because i noticed a Book of Mormon on the the chest. btw love your room!