National Pi Day Funny Math Geek Shirt!

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6:00 AM
In honor of National Pi day,
which is March 14th...3.14
2 days from now--
don't worry, you still have time to make it great!
Here's what I did.
Found a great formula equation...thing...
tweaked it myself in photoshop and ta-da!

(i 8 sum pi)
get it?
I reversed the image and had my silhouette machine
cut it out of heat transfer vinyl so I could iron it on to a shirt!

Simple as pi!
Have you ever seen this pi to pie equation before? 
 This was my first funny!
okay, back to the shirt...
I ironed it to the back of a shirt...going for subtle geekery this time.

Okay, totally mathematics geekery!  Love it!
This one is dedicated to my dad.
Love you dad...(who has probably never looked at my blog)

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Xayide2 said…
Love the pi jokes! Apparently I'm the only one that looks at your blog, because when I mention something you made, the rest of the family doesn't know what I'm talking about.

I think the only way to get your dad to wear some of your irons is to put them on a tie. Not unless you can iron them on to a button down shirt? :)
Chase Life said…
Can you share the file? I love this idea! Thanks for such a great blog. I love your ideas.
Allen jeley said…
Amazing answer