DIY Poison Dagger!

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6:00 AM
Make a Plastic Dagger for yourself with
some stuff from the dollar store!
This little man made the plan and asked me to help him execute it!
He sketched out the dagger shape he liked...
We cut out the paper...

Traced it onto the plastic.
You can use these plastic cutting boards from the dollar store.

cut out the plastic...

Used craft sticks for the on each side of the plastic.
And covered in felt and hot glued in place!

Until it's all encased in felt...kind of like those darling Ikea toys...

Add a drop of green poison and some jewels...

Finish it off with some runes.
You really need runes for extra strength and skill points.

Perfect!  He loves it because he made it...
I love it because it's soft and totally not dangerous!
Cute right?
Love it!

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